Howard & Howard employees receive many benefits from the communities in which they live and work; we have the desire and responsibility to reinvest in those communities.

Group of people smiling while holding a $10,000 check to Helping Hands from Howard & Howard Law Firm


Howard & Howard Community
Reinvestment Fund

The Howard & Howard Community Reinvestment Fund is a charitable trust, funded annually by Howard & Howard’s employees, which benefits our local communities.

How It Works

Step 1.

We contribute funds

The Fund is based on the concept of giving. Once a year, employees pledge a fixed percentage of their gross compensation.

Step 2.

The Allocation Committee reviews proposed donations

Howard & Howard employees submit written proposals for donations to the Allocation Committee. The Committee meets once each year to consider those proposals and approve donations.

Step 3.

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan distributes the funds

Contributions are deposited in the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan which invests the money, issues receipts, and distributes donations following the approval of the Howard & Howard Allocation Committee.

Donation Criteria

To ensure that donations are deductible and that our gifts have a meaningful impact, we established guidelines for fund distributions. Donations must be:

Our Impact

Howard & Howard Community Reinvestment Fund has contributed over $6 million to support education and community enrichment since 1985.


The Community Reinvestment Fund works closely with schools and institutions located in our communities to provide need-based and merit scholarships. We believe that making higher education accessible to bright young minds today is a sound investment in the future.

Community Enrichment

The Fund sponsors several recreational and cultural organizations in our communities. We support events and programs such as children's concerts by local symphonies, music and art lessons at arts councils and centers, bilingual education and training, and recreational activities offered by local public schools and youth groups.

Public Service & Community Involvement

Our employees give back in more ways than simply writing checks. In leadership roles and at grass-root levels, we volunteer time, energy, and skill to organizations to create meaningful change. These experiences benefit organizations and communities—we each grow individually and enhance the firm through our service.


Below are the organizations, educational institutions, and agencies to which Howard & Howard employees have contributed: