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Our cannabis business lawyers work with dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, operators, and other non-plant touching businesses in the industry to handle licensing, zoning, regulatory compliance, tax planning and controversies, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights, and more.

The legalization of medical and/or adult-use cannabis in many states offers opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers. However, the complex and ever-changing regulatory framework poses a unique set of challenges. The team of cannabis lawyers at Howard & Howard provides the multidisciplinary counsel and experience needed to profit in this evolving market.

Our cannabis team has advised clients in all sectors of the market. Whether you are looking to enter the industry, invest in it, contract with its businesses, or simply understand how cannabis laws will impact your existing business, our cannabis attorneys can assist and guide you. 

In the business planning and licensing area, we advise clients regarding:

For our licensed clients, we assist with regulatory needs, including:

Similarly, we have worked with various municipalities regarding:

Litigation is a reality for any business and cannabis businesses are not immune. Our attorneys represent cannabis-related entities in a variety of matters, such as:

Our litigators help clients navigate disputes, first through negotiation, settlement attempts, and alternative dispute resolution options. If those efforts prove unsuccessful, we pursue remedies and recovery in court, administrative forums, and arbitration proceedings.

Representing all sectors of the market nationwide uniquely positions our cannabis business lawyers to help clients navigate this complex regulatory landscape. You can depend on Howard & Howard to help grow your cannabis business with confidence.


Currently, the possession, distribution, and manufacturing of marijuana and marijuana-based products are illegal under federal law, regardless of state law. None of the legal advice provided by our firm is intended to guide or assist individuals or entities in violating federal law nor will our firm provide any guidance or assistance in complying with federal law. Engagement of our legal services does not decrease or eliminate the risk from enforcement of federal laws. Our industry group of medical marijuana lawyers is available only to advise clients on issues in relation to applicable state law and compliance issues related thereto. Any advice provided on such matters is valid only as of the time it is provided.