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We’ll help you be a franchise player in a league of your own.

The franchising industry continues to expand—for good reason. For companies seeking an alternative vehicle for growth, the franchise model provides opportunities to grow their brands at a lower cost than building a corporate-owned chain. For franchisees, it’s the chance to become business owners under recognized brands with established products, services, and distribution channels, at far less risk than launching a venture from scratch.

The attorneys in Howard & Howard’s franchising practice use their legal and business acumen to counsel clients on both sides of the franchise relationship, advising a range of startup and mature franchises in a diverse group of industries that include:

Like other enterprises, franchisors and franchisees must navigate numerous legal hurdles and risks, along with state and federal laws and local ordinances unique to franchises. Our franchise law attorneys counsel clients at every stage of the franchising life cycle, helping them make strategic decisions regarding:

When franchise and franchise-related business issues arise, our franchise dispute attorneys represent clients in administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, and litigation throughout the United States. While we first seek amicable resolution through negotiation, our team of franchise litigation lawyers do not hesitate to take aggressive legal action to pursue and defend our clients’ interests when it becomes necessary.

With the backing of a strong entrepreneurial business model, the franchise lawyers and franchise dispute attorneys of Howard & Howard fully understand the ins and outs of the industry. Whatever your role or interest in a franchising relationship, we’ll be your most trusted business partner. You can count on us for informed and insightful advice and guidance wherever and whenever needed.