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Counsel to Media Company

Established processes to reclaim a substantial number of franchised territories after private equity’s purchase of a media company.

Jon D. Kreucher

Counsel to Franchisees

Represented franchisees for various national franchises on numerous issues including the sale and acquisition of existing franchises.  

Christopher A. Cali

Counsel in Equity and Asset Sales

Represented sellers and purchasers in over $100MM in equity and asset sales involving franchises, restaurants, construction, manufacturing, and other commercial enterprises. 

Christopher A. Cali

$15MM Direct Loan for Restaurant Sites

Lead negotiation for $15MM direct loan for a franchisee to finance the equipment purchase and development of restaurant sites for its franchise business. Real estate aspects of the loan transaction involved multiple takedowns and placements of mortgages in five states.

Charles A. Semmelhack

Real Estate Commercial Leases

Prepared and negotiated leases/ground leases on behalf of numerous tenants including Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee, Ruby Tuesday franchisee, Big Boy International, Snap Fitness franchisee, Blackrock Bar & Grill franchisee, along with several commercial leases for office, warehouse and manufacturing space for local, regional and national corporate entities.

Brad Knickerbocker

Anonymous Internet Speaker Identified for Defamatory Emails and Franchisor Exonerated

Represented restaurant franchisor in dispute with terminated consultants. Successfully identified anonymous internet speaker who allegedly sent defamatory emails to franchisees.

Jonathan W. Fountain

Successful Mediation of Restaurant Franchisor Disputes

Represented restaurant franchisor in disputes with franchisees alleging fraudulent inducement of franchise agreements. Successfully litigated and mediated resolutions of disputes.

Jonathan W. Fountain

Healthcare Franchisor Mediation

Represented healthcare franchisor in mediation over terms of franchise agreement.

Jonathan W. Fountain

Franchisor Obtains Injunction

Represented a tutoring franchisor in litigation against a franchisee that continued using the franchisor's trade secrets, marks, and trade dress following termination of the franchise agreement. We prevailed against the franchisee's efforts to have the claims dismissed and removing the case to federal court, and obtained an injunction enjoining franchisee's wrongful conduct following an evidentiary hearing.

Robert Hernquist

Counsel to Franchisors in State Administrative Matters

Represent franchisors in connection with state administrative inquiries regarding alleged franchise law violations.

Matthew J. Kreutzer