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We’re the trusted legal advisors for every stage of your business.

At Howard & Howard, our business is business—your business—with experience across virtually all product and service industries in both the old and new economies. Our clients include freelancers and small family-owned businesses as well as publicly traded corporations and international conglomerates, and they rely on our team of corporate lawyers to protect their interests and get deals done.

We advise organizations throughout their life cycles, starting with the choice of a proper entity:

As the enterprise and its operations grow, so do the scope of services we provide and the close ties we form with our clients. More than just outside general counsel, we strive to be an outside business partner, working side by side with owners, officers, directors, managers, and employees to address:

Nearly half of Howard & Howard’s business attorneys focus on commercial and corporate transactions, while others concentrate in related disciplines. From our offices across the United States, we draft, negotiate, and enforce:

When agreements turn into disagreements and disputes, our corporate litigators vigorously pursue solutions that meet each client’s unique business goals and objectives.

Thinking about your business isn’t an afterthought—it is ingrained in our culture. Our commitment to unparalleled client service, competitive rate structures, and strategic staffing on client projects has made us a law firm of choice for organizations of all sizes.