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Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Your customers’ personal data is one of your greatest assets and liabilities.

Data privacy and cybersecurity are at the forefront of compliance issues facing businesses throughout every industry.

Howard & Howard has built a team of attorneys with training and experience in data privacy laws, in both the United States and abroad, who can help businesses stay compliant with the rapidly changing legal environment. 

Armed with both legal and technical knowledge, we represent the industries that find themselves on the front line of cyber threats and data theft risks:

One of the largest areas of concern regarding compliance with data and information privacy laws is what your vendors and subcontractors are doing with the information you provide them. To minimize clients’ third-party privacy exposure, we anticipate, address, avoid, and mitigate risk through services such as:

Data breaches or failure to adhere to the ever-increasing number of privacy laws and regulations can lead to significant liability, either through lawsuits or government enforcement actions. When such actions arise, we have experienced litigators to protect your rights and your company’s interests. 

Our relationships with technical service providers supplement our legal counsel and aid in compliance with the numerous laws facing all businesses. Forming a comprehensive team, we are able to provide guidance with laws both at home and abroad. Privacy compliance is no longer a luxury—it is a legal necessity. Clients depend on the data privacy and cybersecurity attorneys at Howard & Howard to help navigate today’s complex compliance landscape.