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Artificial Intelligence Lawyers & Counsel

As the landscape of automated technology swiftly evolves, transforming the way businesses operate, the demand for proficient legal guidance is crucial to navigate potential legal complications.

Whether you're a well-established corporation or a budding small enterprise, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and other forms of machine learning tools in your business operations is a factor that requires thoughtful attention. With the increasing trend of companies utilizing language from AI tools for routine business tasks, such as contract drafting, creating employee guidelines, or formulating external communications, it's imperative for business owners to comprehend their legal boundaries.

Our approach to advising clients on AI matters is cross-disciplinary, tackling a wide array of potential legal issues by incorporating professionals from diverse technology law fields including intellectual property, data privacy and cybersecurity, litigation, labor and employment, and regulatory compliance to address every AI-related legal concern.

Our team of artificial intelligence attorneys is highly experienced and capable of providing sound advice to businesses on appropriate AI usage. We are committed to assisting you in mitigating risks and exploiting AI, automation, and machine learning tools advantageously for your organization.

Our areas of focus include: 

For more information, please contact Rita Garry (Corporate), Alexander McGee (Intellectual Property), or Kris Hulliberger (Litigation).