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Construction & Development

We have the blueprints to manage your construction law needs.

To see a parcel or property, envision a new use, and make that vision a reality is a remarkable accomplishment. Whether the end result is a feat of engineering or an architectural masterpiece, its success is usually attributable to a team of people committed to seeing the project through—much like the dedicated team of attorneys in Howard & Howard’s Construction & Development Industry Group.

From conventional stand-alone construction projects to complex multiuse developments, our experience is extensive:

We counsel clients from inception through completion. Our clients have occupied every seat at the table, including:

The ultimate success of a construction project often rests on the strength of its contracts, and our attorneys routinely prepare, review, and negotiate a myriad of standardized and custom agreements between project parties. We also advise clients on operational issues during construction, including change orders, design modifications, and extra work or delay claims.

For government and public works projects, we assist clients with bidding requirements for payment bonds, performance bonds, prevailing wages, union workforces, and barrier-free standards. Our lawyers also counsel clients regarding contractor licensing questions and applications, as well as representation in administrative actions.

When disagreements occur on or around the job site, we try to mediate conflicts amicably through negotiation and informal alternative dispute resolution. We are, however, prepared to appear before local boards and commissions, arbitration panels, and in state and federal court to enforce and defend clients’ rights in actions relative to:

In this highly competitive environment, building is a process requiring an array of professionals to transform an idea from the ground up. No matter your role in a construction or development project, our attorneys are ready to help you meet your goals.