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2020-2021 Federal Bar Association National President, W. West Allen: President's Messages


A Statement on the Rule of Law and Afghanistan by Howard & Howard Attorney and National President of the Federal Bar Association W. West Allen

Federal Bar Association President, attorney W. West Allen, issues an official statement on the Rule of Law and Afghanistan.

President’s Message: The Constitution Liberates Us: The Rule of Law and How It Enables Equal Protection, Justice, and an Enduring Freedom for All

Writing in The Federal Lawyer magazine, Federal Bar Association President W. West Allen explains that the rule of law is the “culminating keystone in the arch that upholds the superstructure for freedom for all people, the most important constitutional principal, and the sine qua non of liberty.”

President’s Message: The Constitution Guarantees Us

Delegates from 13 states met in Philadelphia 234 years ago and created our amazing Constitution. But it lacked specific declarations of individual rights. FBA President W. West Allen’s column in the May-June issue of The Federal Lawyer explains how the Bill of Rights came to be.

President’s Message: The Constitution Safeguards Us

The concept of separation of powers can be traced to ancient and medieval theories, but its modern form comes from French philosopher Montesquieu. FBA President W. West Allen writes in The Federal Lawyer how the U.S. Constitution expands on Montesquieu’s 18th Century model.

President’s Message: The Constitution Empowers Us

Federalism is the word used to describe the Constitution’s system of dividing political power between the national government and the states. Writing in The Federal Lawyer, FBA President W. West Allen explains that federalism is much more than a power sharing arrangement. 

Founding Fathers' Message on Unity and Civic Charity Is More Relevant Than Ever

"We the People, as judges, lawyers, and engaged citizens, are the guardians of the U.S. Constitution. We must understand, teach, and defend our Constitution and its foundational principles. It is time for a recurrence to these principles. Among these are indispensable, unspoken principles, seemingly forgotten by our nation collectively: Unity and Civic Charity." Throughout his presidency, W. West Allen continued his call to forge new habits of unity and civic charity in America.


A Statement on the Events of January 6, 2021 by Howard & Howard Attorney and National President of the Federal Bar Association W. West Allen

A statement from Federal Bar Association National President W. West Allen on the events of January 6, 2021 on Capitol Hill.

President’s Message: The Constitution Unites Us

Writing in The Federal Lawyer, FBA President W. West Allen describes the concept of popular sovereignty as the single greatest achievement in the science of government. Allen’s article also notes that popular sovereignty is often misunderstood because it both liberates and unites.

President’s Message: We are Guardians of the Constitution, Remembering Our Oath and Covenant of Citizenship 

Federal Bar Association Presidential Installation Ceremony Remarks by W. West Allen, Lloyd D. George United States Courthouse, Las Vegas, Nevada, Thursday, September 17, 2020.

We, The People: Principles of Purpose From President W. West Allen

A summary of W. West Allen’s presidential priorities. Now is the time to double down on our commitment to the FBA and successfully serve this 100-year-old association into its next century.