Tax I DECEMBER 14, 2017

R&D—Helping Farmers Grow

Old barn and farming buildings next to open corn field

A dollar for dollar reduction in tax. The credit provides up to an 8% return on investment on qualified expenditures plus up to an additional 15% return on investment when coupled with corresponding state R&D credits. The credit applies against either federal income tax or payroll tax liability, so companies without income tax liability may still receive a refund.


The following are examples of agricultural related activities that may qualify for the credit. Keep in mind, these are only a sample of many other eligible activities. Whenever you invest time and money to improve your business, you may be incurring costs eligible for valuable R&D tax credits and even REFUNDS:

  • Developing new or improved strains of crops
  • Developing waste recovery or waste recycling systems
  • Developing new or improved technologies and processes to advance harvest life cycle
  • Developing new or improved types of fertilizer
  • Designing new or improved irrigation systems
  • Developing new or improved feeds or feeding techniques
  • Designing new or improved types of packaging
  • Developing new or improved feed components or ‘recipes’
  • Developing new or improved techniques and processes to protect crops from disease
  • Experimenting with new and improved manufacturing processes, including the use of structural and thermal analysis or geothermal techniques
  • Developing new or improved breeding techniques
  • Improvements to facilities due to environmental, health, safety or other federal or international regulatory mandates


    • Wages/bonuses paid to employees, including part time employees
    • Materials and supplies
    • Amounts paid to independent contractors
    • Amounts paid to outside firms providing services to your business

All types of entities may claim the credit, including. Whether your business is a C corporation, S corporation, LLC, partnership, or co-op.

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