Litigation I AUGUST 16, 2023

Client Awarded Over $3MM After 21-Day Trial

 A recent trial success from the Howard & Howard team of Martin Little and Michael Fawaz resulted in over $3MM awarded to our client consisting of compensatory and punitive damages, substantial prejudgment interest, and the right to obtain fees and costs in a commercial breach of contract, fraud, conversion, and violations of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing stemming from a case first filed in 2016.

After the 21-day trial run, a Las Vegas business court judge issued Findings of Facts, Conclusions of Law, and final judgment awarding our clients a significant victory. With 7 causes of action, our client prevailed on every claim and was awarded the exact dollar amounts requested in compensatory damages in addition to the host of additional damages mentioned.

Congratulations to Marty and Michael – thank you for your continued dedication to our clients and great representation of the firm.