Intellectual Property

Howard & Howard clients spend millions each year on R&D in search of the breakthrough ideas that net them sales and licensing agreements. We help them protect their investment.

We have developed one of the country's premier IP practices, an experienced team of engineers-turned-attorneys, who know a good idea when they hear it and know how to protect it, using patents, copyrights and trademarks that survive even the toughest legal challenges. Plus, the team knows its way around the courtroom, so the person who knows your product and issues is involved in your case.

Our intellectual property attorneys assist clients in a broad array of matters from trade secret licensing and protection to electronic data interchange; from trademark registration to technology transfer and joint venturing. The following is an overview of our practice:

  • Licensing of intellectual property rights
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Confidential information
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Technology acquisition or sale
  • Technology law audit
  • Advertising

We are skilled at protecting your innovations through U.S. and foreign governments, licensing and litigation. We will help you review your intellectual portfolio to cut costs, make sure your ideas are protected worldwide, and fight for your rights in court.

Regardless of your business' size, or the complexity of the issues, we deliver high-quality, on-time work at a lower price than most law firms providing comparable services. We are proud of the broad range of work we provide for clients:

  • Collectively, we have prepared thousands of patents for the automotive industry covering virtually every component of a vehicle and defended hundreds against infringement.
  • We have obtained patents on marketing programs, database management programs, computer algorithms and methods-of-doing-business.
  • We have represented one client from a start-up in 1964 to a $500M per year dominant role in the relevant market.
  • We have a number of clients that we have represented for decades.
  • We were co-counsel at the U.S. Supreme Court for one of the most important patent cases in the last 25 years.
  • Previous mediation awarded $3 million to our client's opponent. During closing arguments, the plaintiff's attorney requested $9 million. The jury came in at less than $1 million and within client expectations.
  • We obtained trademark protection on the outer configuration of a vacuum cleaner.
  • For a rock band, we registered trademarks and developed licensing agreements to protect their unique image, right down to the makeup and costumes they wear on stage.
  • We handled a patent infringement suit on behalf of a client in the automotive paint application business which resulted in a favorable judgment in the millions of dollars.

How our IP attorneys work for you

With backgrounds in mechanical, chemical, electrical and aerospace engineering, we can solve problems for all of our clients. This team includes registered patent attorneys and experienced IP litigators. We develop collaborative relationships with engineering and R&D, augmenting general counsel efforts.

In addition to our vast technical experience, our insight helps to protect you from today's changes in the legal climate. Every business, especially the traditional brick-and-mortar, needs e-business counsel for domain names, cyber squatting and website licensing agreements. These issues will soon fuel legal storms and the attorneys of Howard & Howard will help shelter your intellectual property.

Our clients include automotive suppliers and manufacturers, financial institutions, commodity and chemical manufacturers, electronic manufacturers, trading companies, major industrial corporations, advertising agencies and promotion fulfillment houses. Our growing success with our clients is fueled by our ability to:

  • Assess your business' intellectual property law rights;
  • Develop a plan for protecting those rights; and
  • Implement the strategies necessary to accomplish your objectives.

Intellectual Property Intern Program

Howard & Howard has a unique intern program for law school students concentrating in intellectual property law. The program description is detailed in the Intellectual Property Intern Program.

Comprehensive services for the gaming industry

Aside from having one of the country's premier IP practices, the Firm's attorneys have represented a variety of gaming entities, from operators to gaming manufacturers to suppliers, on everything from labor disputes to antitrust counseling to patent applications to playing key roles in developing gaming legislation. In addition to representing prominent industry-leading entities such as the Gaming Standards Association, our attorneys have represented a variety of industry participants, authored or co-authored numerous gaming-related materials (in addition to this website) and are frequent speakers on a variety of topics of importance to the industry. See related information on our gaming industry expertise.

Chemical Arts

Among other fields, Howard & Howard's Intellectual Property Group concentrates in the chemical arts. Our chemical team is ready to protect your research and development in the chemical sciences. Learn more about our Chemical Patent & Arts services.